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Dining Out, Dining In

Dining Out Last Friday night was a big one from a food and friends standpoint: we had a long-awaited dinner with Stacy and Vince at Bondir Restaurant in Cambridge.  It’s always fun to be with them, and the restaurant lived … Continue reading

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All-Purpose Vegan Formula Applied to Lunch

I think I can say without any fear of contradiction that there is no one else on the planet who had the specific combination of ingredients that made up my lunch today. First I chopped up and sautéed an onion in … Continue reading

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Tapas-Inspired Lunch

Monday’s tapas dish with the caramelized carrots and North African spices was the inspiration for today’s lunch.  I didn’t have the same sweet yellow carrots as Rendezvous, but mine were yellow at least, and I had plenty of pimenton and … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night for Bluegrass

The Steep Canyon Rangers (SCR) were in town last night.  As you know, they are far and away my favorite band, so I gathered eight good friends, made dinner reservations next door, and had a grand time enjoying the concert at … Continue reading

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Monday Night Out for Tapas

After a late-afternoon session on Monday, I had an outstanding meal of tapas dishes at Rendezvous Central Square in Cambridge.  Tapas is a regular feature on Monday nights at the restaurant, and this week’s menu was the best I have … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Fish…

…is OK in small quantities and not very often.  At least that’s my working hypothesis two and a half years into our mostly-vegan way of eating.  Tonight’s dinner featured 3 or 4 oz. pieces of striped bass for each of … Continue reading

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Mushrooms Rock!

As a red-wine loving vegan, mushrooms have a special place in my heart because they go so well with so many of the wines I love.  Now that we are deeply into the Fall season and mushrooms are prolific, I … Continue reading

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