I am continuing my career as a serious hedonist, with a passion for food, wine, travel, photography and the joys of family and friends. I support these habits with short bursts of commercial energy — projects of supply chain/operations management consulting, plus teaching graduate courses in management at three different universities in the Boston area.

I continue to be over-educated for my height; most fortunate to have good health, all my hair (still curly, no longer brown), my marriage partner of 49+ years, plus daughter and son, and two young grandsons.

I might be considered semi-retired. I work out of my home office (when not in a classroom) in the house we built 43 years ago, 30 miles West of Boston. Spend time at summer home on the ocean and traveling to places where healthy, delicious and authentic food and wine is made, such as Southern Italy, among others.


5 Responses to About

  1. Good Morning….love your blog! Come visit my new blog at http://www.redwinefinefood.com

  2. dgourmac says:

    Good morning to you! Thanks for reading my stuff, and I do like your new blog. Glad to see that good food and wine are alive and well in Doylestown.

  3. Enjoy your stories about food! Thanks for following my blog, and I’ll be sure to follow yours! More news about wine to come!!

  4. E says:

    What an exciting new place to read and check out for recipes.Can’t wait to get started on some. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

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