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A “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” Potato Pie

My wife reads a lot of books.  She enjoys watching British movies and period pieces.  And she is a very good cook.  Last night those elements all came together in a terrific dinner. Several months ago, she read The Guernsey … Continue reading

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Pasta Trenette

This post is about Pasta Trenette from Liguria, Italy — a delicious vegetarian linguini-like dish with pesto, potatoes and green beans.  Why?  The reason is that I found a box of Trenette pasta in a far corner of my pantry.  … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Necessities: The Development of a New Recipe

Last night it was my turn to cook.  We had not made pasta for a week, so it was a no-brainer for me.  I would make pasta.  But which one? When choosing what to cook, I get my inspiration from … Continue reading

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Cianfotta (A Neapolitan Version of Ratatouille)

Summer is coming soon (at least in this hemisphere).  That means the arrival of great fresh vegetables, which for me, often get celebrated by making one of the amazing European roasted vegetable dishes.  Among my favorites are: France: Tian/Ratatouille. reading

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Bruschetta, Newschetta

As much as I enjoy the cooking and baking, I get that much pleasure and more from the eating.  Here are a few highlights with my sourdough bread and remaining octopus. This particular bread has been a thrill, the best … Continue reading

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Tartine Bread Again — with Improved Techniques

As many people are doing during this pandemic, I am baking bread more often now.  Three weeks ago I wrote about returning to Tartine breads, and I am continuing further down that path.  My breads are good now, most of … Continue reading

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Braised Halibut with Leeks and Dijon Mustard

It’s been an exciting and busy week for cooking.  Barbara came home with a lovely piece of halibut from the market, so last night I tried a new recipe to make good use of the fish and available vegetables.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Octopus, Revisited — or Harold McGee, I Love You.

I’ve written about Octopus 18 times in the past 8 years.  I think that’s some indication of its importance to me in a culinary sense.  Two years ago, I wrote that I Finally Learned How to Cook Octopus.   Within … Continue reading

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Tartine Bread Redux

Redux: from Latin, from reducere ‘bring back’. I started making sourdough bread in 2011.  As I’ve described in previous posts, Chad Robertson’s book, Tartine, was my bible for the first few years.  It was also a favorite since I had … Continue reading

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Antipasto for Lunch, Herbed Artichoke Galette for Dinner, and Black Peppercorns for Everything

Antipasto I had defrosted the second loaf from my last batch of 40% Whole Wheat Bread, so it was time for Bruschetta at lunch.  One recipe that caught my eye recently was Bruschetta Bianca from the Union Square Cafe cookbook.  … Continue reading

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