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Farmers Markets, Whole Grain Rye Levain, Bulgarian Cheese, and Italian Wine

Two weekends ago I was able to delight in fresh vegetables from nearby sustainable farms, bake some fresh breads, and drink favorite wines from Italy.  What could be better than that? Here is some of my haul from the farmers: … Continue reading

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Food Conversations with My Body

Some days I wake up with the knowledge that today will not be all vegan or vegetarian.  Fortunately, my body and I have a good relationship after all these years.  Therefore, we have conversations like this: ” How do you … Continue reading

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Quick Lunch from Components

When our son was a teenager, he was always hungry (as are most teenagers).   He would stride into the kitchen, day or night, and shuffle the contents around, looking for quick meals (cold pizza, leftover mac ‘n cheese, burgers, etc.).  … Continue reading

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Short, Sweet, and Delicious…

That describes tonight’s post.  Barbara was inspired and made what is probably the best meal of the summer tonight, a Layered Vegetable Casserole.  I held myself back after only 3 servings (not wanting to overdo it…). Here’s her hand-written recipe.  … Continue reading

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Ever since I read two articles about the longevity and healthy eating on the Greek isle of Ikaria, I have been attracted to their style of life and food.  Over the last six years, I’ve made several of those vegetarian … Continue reading

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July dinner with Friends

We have some very good friends nearby, and we’ve known each other for well over 50 years.   While we share many things in common, pretty high on the list is a love of food and wine.  We had the opportunity … Continue reading

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Finally Learned How to Cook Octopus

On those occasions when I vary from a vegetarian lifestyle, the most frequent cause is grilled octopus, a favorite food of mine for many years.  I learned about 6 years ago that one reason may be — besides being delicious … Continue reading

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