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Seasonal Flowers

We have been keeping a couple of dozen flowering cacti plants for a number of years now.  They spend October to May in the small greenhouse at the end of our living room.  In the Spring and Summer, we move … Continue reading

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NYC Food – Waterlogue Edition

The previous post detailed my short visit to NY a few weeks ago.  This post allows me to show you the watercolor renditions of some of the food photos, thanks to the Waterlogue iPhone app.  Let me know if you … Continue reading

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Sailboat in the Harbor: a short exploration in photo editing

Last week as I departed Nantucket on the ferry, it was a gray, dreary day.  I spotted a two-masted sailboat in the harbor, so I quickly snapped a photo on my phone, through the water-splatted window of the ferry.  Here … Continue reading

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Rye Bread in My New, Custom Bread Pot

Two and a half years ago, I posted an entry about making Tartine bread in one of Judith Motzkin’s ceramic bread pots.  Since then, my bread-making has become more whole grained, and I’ve developed a real fondness for rye breads.  … Continue reading

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Salads in the Snow

I used to dislike salads.  In the 1940’s and 50’s, when I was growing up, salad was a pretty dull affair.  Iceberg lettuce was the norm (probably shipped by rail from California to New York), and if you were lucky, … Continue reading

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Miami Beach, Cuba, and then….Fregula Sarda at home

The break in my communications from January 6-14 was for an amazing trip to Cuba.  We went with a group from our synagogue on a cultural/religious mission in support of the remaining Jewish community there.  It was marvelous in many … Continue reading

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As Close as I Get to Sochi…

Hipstamatic is a pretty cool app for my iPhone.  I’ve used it now for several years.  In the past week they released a new HipstaPak named Sochi, and I loved the deep, saturated tones, so I added it to my … Continue reading

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