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Sailboat in the Harbor: a short exploration in photo editing

Last week as I departed Nantucket on the ferry, it was a gray, dreary day.  I spotted a two-masted sailboat in the harbor, so I quickly snapped a photo on my phone, through the water-splatted window of the ferry.  Here … Continue reading

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Rye Bread in My New, Custom Bread Pot

Two and a half years ago, I posted an entry about making Tartine bread in one of Judith Motzkin’s ceramic bread pots.  Since then, my bread-making has become more whole grained, and I’ve developed a real fondness for rye breads.  … Continue reading

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Salads in the Snow

I used to dislike salads.  In the 1940’s and 50’s, when I was growing up, salad was a pretty dull affair.  Iceberg lettuce was the norm (probably shipped by rail from California to New York), and if you were lucky, … Continue reading

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Miami Beach, Cuba, and then….Fregula Sarda at home

The break in my communications from January 6-14 was for an amazing trip to Cuba.  We went with a group from our synagogue on a cultural/religious mission in support of the remaining Jewish community there.  It was marvelous in many … Continue reading

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As Close as I Get to Sochi…

Hipstamatic is a pretty cool app for my iPhone.  I’ve used it now for several years.  In the past week they released a new HipstaPak named Sochi, and I loved the deep, saturated tones, so I added it to my … Continue reading

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Mystery Image

It’s been over two weeks since my last post, so I will start small, with a mystery image.  I’ll be interested in your guesses about what it might be.  Answer coming soon.

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Verde Valley, Part 2 — Page Springs, Jerome and Sedona

One of the prettiest spots we visited in Arizona was Page Springs Winery, not far from Cottonwood and only 15 minutes or so from Sedona.  We got there early on a Friday, before the heaviest traffic arrived at the tasting … Continue reading

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