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Midnight Snack: Bruschetta with Friends

Sometimes I need a midnight snack.   Peanut butter or Cheez-Its don’t do the trick.  Tonight was one of the more elaborate versions — satisfying my hunger, desire for favorite foods, and restoring delightful flavors to my mouth before bedtime.  It … Continue reading

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Seasonal Flowers

We have been keeping a couple of dozen flowering cacti plants for a number of years now.  They spend October to May in the small greenhouse at the end of our living room.  In the Spring and Summer, we move … Continue reading

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Other January Highlights

The previous post began my attempt to play catch up with this month’s food and wine.  Here are a few more highlights, mostly visual. Greek Islands — Briami Me Maratho One of the stars is an easy baked vegetable dish … Continue reading

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Progressive Dinner Event

Last night we participated with more than 40 other couples and fellow congregants in a Progressive Dinner event.  The invitation described  it: Our Committee invites you to celebrate Israel: The Spice and the Spirit! with dinner at your hosts’ house … Continue reading

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Quick Trip to the Island and New Creations at Home

It has been a good week.  Last Friday I made an overnight trip to the island, to check in some guests at our summer home.  It was a great excuse to visit my friend, Steve.  That night he and I … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday

Why not?  It gives our daughter and family an uncontested opportunity to be with in-laws and turkey on Thursday, and with us and a vegan dinner on Friday.  Small family gathering, but one of Barbara’s best dinners ever, in my … Continue reading

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November Flowers

Each year we take out all of the potted cactus plants from our greenhouse next to our living room, and place them outside on the deck for the Summer sun and warmth.  Then in the Fall, the plants get washed … Continue reading

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