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Lunch Today – Tasting Five Regions in Southern Italy

I love the boisterous flavors of Southern Italy!  Today I was able to prepare a delicious lunch with ingredients from the five southernmost regions (Puglia, Sicily, Calabria, Campania and Basilicata). Ingredienti.  As is often the case, the meal was driven … Continue reading

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Natural Vermont Wines, Good Friends, and Small Plates at a Great Restaurant — an Evening in Providence, RI

Another online notice — this one on Instagram — alerted me a few weeks ago to an event on a Monday night in Providence, RI.  If you don’t know the geography of New England, you might think that another state … Continue reading

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Old New England Seaport, Great New Restaurant, and New Orleans Jazz at its Best

Let me explain the headline: it all began with an email from my favorite jazz band, the New Black Eagle Jazz Band, announcing a concert last Saturday in Newburyport, about 60 miles from our home. I’ve been an avid fan … Continue reading

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Delicious Vegetable Combo — Step-by-Step

As a vegan/vegetarian, I sometimes think that all I need is high quality fresh vegetables, olive oil, salt and pepper, and a good sauté pan.  Plus bread and wine. The other night, it was late and I wanted to do … Continue reading

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Pan-Roasted Cod with Cannellini and Vegetables

To complete the weekend’s food adventures, I chose a small piece of fish — 0.3 lbs. of cod fillet.   The meal has its origins in the foods of the Catalan and Basque regions of Spain.  Ever since I first tasted … Continue reading

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Risotto con Fagioli for Lunch

I returned from the island with half a package of dried cannellini beans, so I decided to cook them on Saturday.  It was a sizeable amount, perhaps 300 gm, so I decided to do an experiment.  Most of the time … Continue reading

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Greek-Style Baked Vegetables

Returning from the island on Friday, I stopped to re-stock the refrigerator and planned to cook on Saturday night for myself.   Having purchased the usual favorite Mediterranean vegetables, I decided on one of the Greek-style baked vegetable dishes I like … Continue reading

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