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Natural Vermont Wines, Good Friends, and Small Plates at a Great Restaurant — an Evening in Providence, RI

Another online notice — this one on Instagram — alerted me a few weeks ago to an event on a Monday night in Providence, RI.  If you don’t know the geography of New England, you might think that another state … Continue reading

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June Dinner for Friends

Friday night I went into Boston for a late visit to Eataly.  I’ve been looking forward to visiting the store again.  They have excellent fresh produce and fish, and a superb array of specialties in jars and pasta in packages.  … Continue reading

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Working Backwards, from Most Recent….

Now let’s see, where were we…. I have not posted anything except for a little music since March.  That may be because I haven’t spent two straight weeks at home since the end of January.  Traveling and teaching have consumed … Continue reading

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Highlights of Summer Meals

Summertime is a great time for food and wine: bountiful farmers markets, travel and visits with family and friends, different grapes and wines for the warm weather and lighter fare. I was not at all disciplined with my blogging this … Continue reading

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Progressive Dinner Event

Last night we participated with more than 40 other couples and fellow congregants in a Progressive Dinner event.  The invitation described  it: Our Committee invites you to celebrate Israel: The Spice and the Spirit! with dinner at your hosts’ house … Continue reading

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Snack and Wine-Tasting, followed by Crab Cakes for Dinner

Our friends are leaving this Friday for Hawaii until April 1.  Can’t say that we blame them for that — the worst of this New England weather is yet to come.  In any case, it was a good excuse to … Continue reading

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Ravioli Rolling Pin + Vegan Ricotta = Great Meal

Several years ago one of my most energetic graduate students showed a strong interest in food and cooking, so we often talked about it and shared stories and ideas — along with occasionally discussing the program: engineering management.  When he … Continue reading

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