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The Amalfi Coast – 2017

Ten years earlier I had made a very similar trip alone, so I felt well-prepared to share the experience with Barbara this time around.  We stayed at the Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi, one of the Leading Hotels of the … Continue reading

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Working Backwards, from Most Recent….

Now let’s see, where were we…. I have not posted anything except for a little music since March.  That may be because I haven’t spent two straight weeks at home since the end of January.  Traveling and teaching have consumed … Continue reading

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Sometimes, we go out to eat…

While I’m posting today, I may as well relate a story about an excellent meal we had one night when we went out to eat locally — a relatively rare occasion.  Not only did we eat out, but we also … Continue reading

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World Class Leftovers?…. and Saturday Lunch

We are sometimes accused of having world-class leftovers in our fridge.  While there may be some truth in that, I can assure you that those leftovers — in their natural habitat — look anything but “world-class”.  For example, here are … Continue reading

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Deep, Dark, Delicious — Bruschetta for Lunch

One of my go-to lunches this time of year is Bruschetta.  Simple, colorful, satisfying, and Vegan, this dish has all the basic food groups: Vegetables (roasted red peppers, capers) Grains (my homemade Seeded Rye Levain Bread) Fruit (olives in Pate … Continue reading

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Other January Highlights

The previous post began my attempt to play catch up with this month’s food and wine.  Here are a few more highlights, mostly visual. Greek Islands — Briami Me Maratho One of the stars is an easy baked vegetable dish … Continue reading

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Oops! as an exclamation is appropriate for the fact that it has been over a month since my last post.  However, I’m also increasingly aware that it is an acronym that represents almost everything I cook (with the exception of … Continue reading

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