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Sometimes, we go out to eat…

While I’m posting today, I may as well relate a story about an excellent meal we had one night when we went out to eat locally — a relatively rare occasion.  Not only did we eat out, but we also … Continue reading

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World Class Leftovers?…. and Saturday Lunch

We are sometimes accused of having world-class leftovers in our fridge.  While there may be some truth in that, I can assure you that those leftovers — in their natural habitat — look anything but “world-class”.  For example, here are … Continue reading

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Deep, Dark, Delicious — Bruschetta for Lunch

One of my go-to lunches this time of year is Bruschetta.  Simple, colorful, satisfying, and Vegan, this dish has all the basic food groups: Vegetables (roasted red peppers, capers) Grains (my homemade Seeded Rye Levain Bread) Fruit (olives in Pate … Continue reading

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Other January Highlights

The previous post began my attempt to play catch up with this month’s food and wine.  Here are a few more highlights, mostly visual. Greek Islands — Briami Me Maratho One of the stars is an easy baked vegetable dish … Continue reading

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Oops! as an exclamation is appropriate for the fact that it has been over a month since my last post.  However, I’m also increasingly aware that it is an acronym that represents almost everything I cook (with the exception of … Continue reading

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Friday Was Bread Day

With classes over for the week, I was able to do errands and house stuff on Thursday and begin to bake bread on Friday.  I’ve been missing my whole grain breads and had used the last one in the freezer … Continue reading

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Recent Food Highlights

This is truffle season.  We have a restaurant about 20 minutes away that gets white truffles from Alba this time of year, so I almost always run down there for a meal when possible.  Two weeks ago I had a … Continue reading

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