Featured Gallery — Making Ken Forkish’s Artisan Bread

Ken Forkish is an artisan bread maker in Portland, Oregon.  His new book, Flour Water Salt Yeast, supplemented by his excellent instructional videos on YouTube, gave me an excellent opportunity to expand my bread making skills this weekend.

Here are the results, using his Field Blend #2 recipe for a hybrid levain bread, made with white bread flour, whole wheat and rye.  Tasted as good as it looked.

2013-07-27 10.30.59 HDR

on the rack

hipsta and pot

Insta larger pot

hipsta large pot light

November, 2013 — New Entries

This past week I decided to make the levain as specified in Ken’s book, and since it is double what I need for each recipe of two loaves, I would make two different recipes, four loaves in total.  I made two adjustments: one was to crank up the whole wheat content of the Field Bend #2 recipe, so I had 61% white bread flour, 21% freshly-milled organic, sprouted whole wheat, and 18% freshly-milled organic rye.  I labeled this as Field Blend #2.5, since his recipe in the book is more like 70/16/14.  I like the new version a lot.

The other trick was to try a different bread, so I went for his Pain de Campagne.  His recipe calls for 90/10 ratio of white to whole wheat; mine was 81/19, and again, I was happy with the results.  It is definitely a lighter, higher bread than the Field Blend, and it has its advantages in sandwiches, panini, etc.  Here are the pix.  The Pain de Campagne loaves are on the right.  Notice that one of these was proofed in an oval Banneton and baked in an oval Dutch oven (came out football-shaped), for easy slicing.

3.5 loaves cooling-2


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